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Favorite Hair Trends for Spring 2018

by Kimberly Kimble on February 18, 2019

My favorite trends for spring are all about women taking power.

Khaleesi–inspired Braids

Game of Thronesmay not be coming back until 2019 (whyyyy?!), but nothing says you can’t embrace your inner Mother of Dragons now. Who doesn’t want to be queen for a day? I love experimenting with braids, and this is a fun twist on an old classic. Don’t worry about making it perfect; messy, textured braids will keep this look modern.

Opulent accessories – gold barrettes, pearl barrettes, etc.

Glam up any look with a beautiful barrette. Gold or pearls are very on trend and add a touch of old world class to any look. Every girl deserves a little bling and you can keep it young and fresh by pairing your barrette with a textured, natural hair look.

Flat on top, volume on sides

Go for impact by leaving your hair flat on top and creating huge volume on the sides. It’s unexpected, fresh, and

glamorous. I’ve been seeing this trend on the runway, and the red carpet. In fact, I recently gave Angela Bassett this style for the Black Panther premiere. It’s for the woman who’s not afraid to stand out.


Embrace your curls and even some frizz!

It’s all about texture and ease. No need to worry about having every flyaway in place! Lean in to a little mess. The results are a sweet, breezy look that adds effortlessness to any outfit. It’s also a great way to give your hair a break. You don’t need to use heat to create the curls, just let your hair do its thing. A spritz of my Bounce Back Curl Enhancer to bring out the texture, and you’ll be ready to go.

80s power hair

We’re taking back our power, ladies, and that’s what 80s fashion was all about: the power suit, the power hair…we meant business! This is a modern take on power hair – it’s a little softer, a little less severe, but it still says “don’t mess with me.” It’s also embracing texture – something we’re seeing as an overall trend.

To achieve your 80s power hair, allow it to dry naturally and then use something like my Bounce Back Curl Cream to slick the hair back and give it that slightly wet look.

Hair color: Metallic

I’m loving shiny, silky, metallic for this spring. It’s striking, it’s royal, and above all, it’s fun. Shades from silver and platinum to rose gold and bronze are popping up all over the place and taking hair color to the next level. Helpful hint: try to keep heat styling to a minimum as color-treated hair is much more easily damaged than your normal hair.