Kim Kimble™ Vitamin Bundle Special

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Kim Kimble, a celebrity hairstylist, is now working to Kimble-ize women everywhere. She’s beautifying tresses from the inside out with her strawberry-flavored Kim Kimble Biotin 5000 Gummies and Kim Kimble Skin, Hair & Nail. She is featuring a Vitamin Set for a limited time for all that need Kimblized Vitamins 

Each Container Size: 60 Gummies (30 day supply)


Serving suggestion: Eat two gummies per day.

How it works: These completely delish, fruity-flavored gummies give your body the extra boost of vitamins it needs every day for healthy hair growth, stronger nails, and luminous skin. You’ll feel like you’re eating candy, but with none of the guilt. We promise. And once you’re done, don’t forget to whip that hair.


How many gummies should I take a day?

Take one to two gummies a day or as directed by your doctor or healthcare practitioner.

How long will one bottle last?

Each container of Kim Kimble Biotin 5000  and Skin Hair and Nails contains 60 gummies or one month’s supply.

When will I notice an improvement in my hair, skin, and nails?

As with any vitamin supplement, results will vary depending on the individual.

When taken with a healthy, balanced diet, These vitamins have been shown to help promote stronger and thicker hair growth and nails, plus luminous skin. 

The following products are suitable for use by vegetarians as they do not contain any ingredients derived from an animal source


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