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Flexi-Rod Prescription
Flexi-Rod Prescription
Flexi-Rod Prescription
Flexi-Rod Prescription
Flexi-Rod Prescription
Flexi-Rod Prescription

Flexi-Rod Prescription


Our Flexi-rod set is great for all hair types and can be especially helpful if you’re transitioning to natural. The process may seem complicated if you’ve never tried it, but we’ve got the products to help you through it. 

Step One: Wash your hair with our shampoo of your choice, then apply our Leave-In Conditioner to give your hair a moisture boost.

Step Two: Apply the Healed Ends Serum to protect the hair.

Step Three: Separate hair into sections and work our Thermal Setting Mousse evenly through the hair, root to tip on each section.

Step Four: Wrap your hair around the rods, then, you can leave it to dry overnight (be sure to wear a silk bonnet to bed!), or blow-dry.

Step Five: For an extra boost of shine, apply a small amount of Shine Spray to your hands before you remove the rods. 

Includes Two Packs of Flexi Rods

Now you’ve been Kimble-ized!

Our Flexi Rod Kit includes:

Leave-In Conditioner - Conditions, adds body, and helps maintain a healthy scalp.

Shine Spray – Adds elegant shine to dull, dry hair.

Healed Ends Serum – Provides protection from chemical and environmental stress as it works to replenish hair’s moisture.

Thermal Setting Mousse – Adds volume and shine while reducing frizz.



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